Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lieldienas (Easter)

I had a pretty exciting Easter here in Latvia and in the end was really happy that I stayed here to experience it. Easter is interesting in Latvia because they have both pagan and Christian traditions and because this year the spring solstice was on Good Friday. The day was also interesting because it was snowing so instead of a white Christmas we had a white Easter. I started the day by going to church at Doma Baznica and got to hear mass in Latvian. This was cool because while I have been to church in Europe many times and in many different languages I have never been to a church service I could actually understand. So for me it was both a cultural and religious excursion.
In America we always get dressed up for Easter and Christmas mass but in Europe no one will notice what you are wearing because the churches are old and drafty so everyone is wearing their jackets.
Egg Dyeing in Livu Laukuma.
Swinging in Livu Laukuma. Latvians believe that you have to swing three times to the left and right on Easter and then the mosquitoes will not bite you during the summer.
There is always folk dancing in Latvia....and you might be able to see it is snowing.
Then in the evening I went to a choral concert at St. Peter's Church and it was singing by candlelight.

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